Privacy Policy

Geoffrey Stephens Engineered IT Inc. and its ISET Sports/ISET.NET service and its Affiliates (“we,” “us,” “our” or “ISET.NET” or "ISET" or "ISET Sports") respects your privacy. This privacy policy (the “Policy”) explains ISET’s privacy practices with respect to your personal information throughout the entire ISET suite of tool, the ways your personal information and data is collected, used and shared and the rights and options available to you with respect to your personal data.

Who we are?

ISET is the operating name of suite of software tools owned by Geoffrey Stephens Engineered IT inc. Our service is offered to organizations ("CUSTOMERS") who host indoor and beach volleyball competitions for the purpose of keeping track of scoring and events that occur during a competition and reporting finalized scores for tie breaking and ranking.

Our Products

ISET offers two main products.

  • ISET Competition Management SaaS: The ISET Competition management service is an online, web-based sofware as a service that allows its customers to prepare schedules, load teams and rosters, record scores break ties and determine standings. The tool has an secure administration site for its organizers and a public site for anyone who is interested to follow competition results.
  • ISET Electronic Scoresheet is a mobile application that replaces a paper scoresheet at court side. It is designed to allow volunteer scorekeepers to satisfy the recording requirements for a properly officiated volleyball competition. The E-Scoresheet application communicates with and works in conjunction with the ISET Competition Management service to retrieve schedule, team and roster information.

What Information does ISET Collect?

ISET collects some personal information as part of its CUSTOMERS use of the ISET.

ISET Competition Management Service

  • Subscriber information such as the organization name, address, email, phone and other contact information.
  • User Account information such as user first and last name and email address to authenticate and authorize users.
  • As part of subscriber data collection policies, the ISET Tool allows users to collect information on participating teams such as:
    • Team Name, hometown, club, province/state and country
    • Player's first and last names, and Dates of Birth which can be used to verify that a player is eligible to participate in age restricted competitions.
    • Coaches and Team Support information such as first name and last name of individuals and the role they play with a team.
ISET Electronic Scoresheet

The E-Scoresheet application works with the ISET Competition Management service and downloads competition related information for the purpose of scoring a volleyball competition. This includes sharing the following information:

  • Tournament Information eligible for E-Scoring.
  • Schedule information organized by court number.
  • Participating team name information and corresponding participant information including:
    • Player first name and last name and jersey number.
    • Coaches first name and last name and team role.

ISET versus Customer Data Collection Policies?

ISET itself is simply a tool offered to subscribing organizations (customers). The information our CUSTOMERS choose to collect in order to administer a volleyball competition is the responsibility and of the customer and their subsequent data collection policies. Please refer to the subscribing organization's data collection policies by contacting the customer directly.

Links to Other Web Sites

In general, the ISET Tool suite does not rely on third party providers. However, customers may list sponsor information as part of their offering that may include links to sponsor web sites. No information is shared in these cases and links are simply offered as an enhanced way for CUSTOMERS to promote their event sponsors.

Does ISET Disclose the Information it Collects?

No. Your data is not shared with third party providers without your consent. Keep in mind that your data may be subject to our customers data collection policies. Please refer to the subscriber (CUSTOMER) for more information on their data use policies.

How does ISET Protect my Information?

ISET maintains appropriate safeguards and current security standards to protect your personal information, against unauthorized access, disclosure, or misuse. Although we cannot take responsibility for any theft, misuse, unauthorized disclosure, loss, alteration, or destruction of data by a third party, we take reasonable precautions to prevent such unfortunate occurrences.

How Can I Contact Us?

If you have any questions, concerns or complaints about the privacy policies please contact us at the below: ISET
Attention: Privacy Manager
273 Queen Street
Fredericton, New Brunswick, E3B 1A9